We have just posted another great documentary from the multi award winning RTE series Documentary on One.  This Place Speaks to Me  was first broadast in 2000 and featured Dublin based Musician and Actor Don Baker and his time in Daingean Reform Centre between 1963 and 1964.  We have no less than 4 new writers recorded and ready for upload and we will be meeting up with the first group to  be featured here on Podcasts.ie.  There are also writers who have promised to join us but we must wait for a little free time in their schedules. In a busy week which will see new editions of The Calendar Road and Showcase No.5 becoming available, we will also be bringing you at least one new featured prose writer and continuing to prepare our series “The Writers Passage” which will be new for November as we continue to bring you free, high quality audio podcasts featuring voices from Ireland.