Here at we are striving to bring you authentic voices from Ireland, beit poets, prose writers, songsmiths or programme makers.  On this section of the site we are showcasing content that is a collaboration of all of these forms, with the emphasis on content that will take you from your armchair on a journey through Ireland, its past and present.   At the moment we are developing Myths & Legends, here we have a selection of adapted stories that have been passed down through the spoken word and delivered in a new form for you to listen to.  In some cases our readers have adapted these stories, in other cases readers have been chosen to read for you because of their keen expression and understanding of these stories.  In coming weeks on Armchair Ireland we will be gathering new audio podcasts for you to enjoy, on a range of topics, each piece chosen because it has the power to transport you from your place in the world to places in Ireland,  stories delivered from armchair to armchair.