Illustration by Stephen Dunford (C)

From word of mouth, through song, dance and tradition the myths and legends of ancient Ireland have been carried across the ages.   Stories that have been handed down, some have been rebranded for a different place or time but the nub of these stories remain.   Here on Myths and Legends we are taking some of these re-adapted stories and broadcasting them for your enjoyment.   Here on we are offering you a collection of new recordings of these rare stories written by some of our contributing authors.

  • Sean Og and the Hag Sean Og and The Hag is a story set in 1799 in County Longford, Ireland. It does not take long for Sean Og Mc Donagh to discover that the beautiful young lady who finds him out in the dark of an Irish halloween is not what she appears to be but what can he do to get ...
  • The Christmas Showcase 2013 It’s that time of the year again and we have a very special showcase for you.  There are original stories by EM Reapy and Doreen Duffy, poetry from James Lawless, we also have music including The Hallelujah Chorus and songs from Johnny Duhan and Ursula Connolly.  We also take a trip down memory lane with ...
  • The Voice of Christmas Noel Carney thinks he has discovered an age old secret  but can he resist the demon drink and find out the truth behind his findings.   Written and performed by Jho Harris 2010. To listen now click PLAY/PLAY IN POP UP to listen later Right Click/Ctrl Click and Save Target As to download and listen later.  
  • Sally and the Snowy Path Sally is baffled by a sound that wakes her early on a cold December morning – Greystones is the backdrop for this seasonal tale, written by Jho Harris in 2010.     To listen now click PLAY/PLAY IN POP UP to listen later Right Click/Ctrl Click and Save Target As to download and listen later.
  • The Gift A seasonal play for Christmas Time. On a shopping trip in Castlebar everything takes an unusual turn, as all of a sudden the main character finds himself travelling back in time, or is he dreaming? Written by Sinéad McClure, 2004.   To listen now click PLAY/PLAY IN POP UP to listen later Right Click/Ctrl Click and Save Target ...
  • The Voice of Christmas  Noel Carney is a young bachelor living near Avoca, He was happy with his lot until one Christmas his chances of romance were dashed by a newspaper article.  Despite being a lifelong Pioneer, Noel decided to break his pledge but a strange twist in the donkey’s barn on Christmas eve was not what he was expecting. The Voice ...
  • The Letter The Letter looks at a new way of telling an old Irish story to explain the existence of a tribe of magical people.
  • How the wolf lost his tail A fascinating story of Irish mythology written by Steve Dunford and read by Jho Harris
  • Bob of the Reek Brendan Walsh MA tells the true story of Bob of The Reek.
  • Fionn Mac Cumhaill and Bran In this tale of heroics and magic from Irish mythology Jho Harris reads his own adaptation of the story of the birth of Fionn Mac Cumhaill and his faithful Irish Wolfhound Bran
  • Edward John Maguire In this charming story Jho Harris tells the tale of Edward John Maguire.
  • No Bother No Bother a short story written by Steve Dunford and read by Jho Harris.
  • The Salmon of Knowledge Re-adapted and read by Sinéad McClure – This is a retelling of one of our most known mythological tales. Click on the link above to play the sound file.
  • Patrick O Reilly and The Leprechaun Patrick O Reilly and the Leprechaun or “The Leprechaun’s Revenge” was written by Steve Dunford. In this podcast you’ll hear this engaging retelling of an old local story read by the author.
  • The Children of Lir The Story of the Children of Lir, a new working of this Irish tale especially for, adapted and read by Jho Harris.
  • Oisín and Tir na nÓg The story of Oisín and Tir na nÓg re-adapted for by Sinéad McClure and read by Teresa McCormack. Click on the above link to listen.