Who knew podcasting in Ireland would be so busy ? Well we are rested after the double bank holidays, which is just as well as we have so many podcasts to bring you, the first of which is this one from novelist and historian Vincent Caprani.  Vincent’s collection of Doggerell “Rowdy Rymes and Recimitations” released to public aclaim many years ago is about to get a new lease of life.  He is currently adding to it and it will be republished later in 2011 by Gill and Macmillan.  He has promised us a chance to meet up nearer the launch for an interview and reading but in this current podcast Vincent talks about his writing including the story behind his best selling “A View From The Dart”  Also coming your way in the next week or so will be podcast readings from Grace Wells and Michael Pattwell and a brand new showcase but that won’t even scratch the surface of what we have in store for you this month alone.