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Edward John Maguire

In this original tale specially written for we hear the story of Edward John Maguire.  Double barrelled first names are common in Ireland and it can lead to confusion to some of our overseas visitors but Edward John Maguire loves having two first names and knows how to use it to his advantage even among those of us who should know better.  This story is written and read by Jho Harris.


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No Bother

Illustration by Steve Dunford

Written by Steve Dunford “No Bother” tells the story of Big Sean Maguire a cantankerous farmer and his hard done by wife who has become sick and tired of all his moaning.  This is a cautionary tale for all husbands out there who take their wives for granted!  Jho Harris lends his vocal talent to the telling adding another dimension to Steve’s story, a tale set in Irish myth which could just have easily been written for today, confirming it will be no bother to you to enjoy!

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The Salmon of Knowledge

This new take on a well known favourite Irish Mythological story reminds us of the magic and mystery that is evoked from these handed down tales.  In this story we find out about Fintan the Salmon of kowledge and what happens to him when the Druid Finegas comes into his story and how the young scholar Demna becomes such an important figure in our mythology.

The Salmon of Knowledge was re-adapted and read by Sinéad McClure.

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Patrick O Reilly and The Leprechaun

Should we feel sorry for poor Patrick O Reilly as the adage never trust a Leprechaun rings true in this old story re-adapted by Steve Dunford.  Steve brings his wide knowledge of Irish mythology to this story, so much so, we begin to wonder whether this is indeed fact, not fiction.  One thing is certain whether we trust Leprechaun’s or not we certainly don’t want to offend them, just in case…

This story was adapted from an old local story, written and read by Steve Dunford and recorded on a beautiful day in Steve’s home overlooking the Killala coast.  The poem that opens the story is read by Jho Harris.   We are also delighted to have some of Steve’s illustrations on show on this section of the site and, if you haven’t already, you can visit Steve’s page in our featured Prose Writers section.

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The Children of Lir

The story of the Children of Lir is arguably one of the saddest of all the Irish mythological tales.  The swan children are destined to spend 900 years away from their home because of a spell put on them by their jealous step-mother.   Here Jho Harris re-adapts the tale for  Whether you are familiar with the story or not, this is bound to be a fresh telling.  Just click on the play button below to listen here, or download to listen later.


Oisín and Tir na nÓg

The land of promise, the land of youth is spoken of in this Irish mythical story as Oisín the son of Fionn Mac Cumhaill finds him self drawn away from the Fianna for the love of Niamh.  This story was re-adapted by Sinéad McClure and is read for you by Teresa McCormack.  Teresa weaves a West of Ireland tone through the story and uses her knowledge of one of the best known stories of ancient Ireland vernacular to wonderful effect.  Click on the sound file below to play, or download and save to listen later.

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