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Graceful Miracles

Another top Irish podcast comes your way as we have just added the first performance podcast from author Grace Wynne- Jones.  Reading from her novel “Ordinary Miracles”.  Grace brings her work to life in this exclusive reading for  As we fast approach the end of the month it will soon be time for The Calendar Road to be explored again, if you have any stories related to nature or to the month of March we would love to hear from you via our Contact Page

A Womans’s Art

Another great Irish singer/songwriter joins us for a podcasting session.  Michele Ann Kelly has captured the imagination of The Irish Music industry and the hearts of those who have seen her perform live.  Her debut album “Songs That Saved My Live” prompted Christy Moore to pick up the phone to call her and say how much he loved her music and her song “Designer Love” (written with Paul Brady and Ronan Hardiman) has been chosen for the latest version of ” A Woman’s Heart”.   Our first podcast features an interview with Michele Ann which will be followed in a few days time by the first of several fantastic performances recorded at The Writers Room at The Glenview Hotel in County Wicklow. 

Thank you to those of you who told how much you enjoyed our 2 Saint Patrick’s day related podcasts, we have given in to pressure and will keep them up until the end of  March, we also have news of a new Facebook Group which you can access by clicking Here and we will be continuing to add more great Irish podcasts as usual so watch this space.

Forgotten History

We should really have made this post yesterday but at least we marked International Women’s Day with a new podcasts by Ann Chambers.  In her revised interview Ann talks about her latest biography Eleanor Countess of Desmond and we have an exclusive reading from the book for you to enjoy. 

We have lots more podcasts to bring you over the next few weeks, just trying to keep up with the amount of recordings and editing required is a full time job at the moment and we have plenty more ideas for podcasts too.  Those of you who have a flair for creative writing might be interested in our showcase section which we will launching shortly.  You can show off your writings skills by taking part in “Letters Never Sent”.  We are looking for people to write a letter to or from Ireland to a relative or friend but at a time when something significant happened in world history.  It could be a letter home from a soldier in The First World War, a letter to or from a brother or sister in America just after the assasination of JFK or perhaps a letter to a relative elsewhere in Ireland following The Popes visit to Ireland in 1979.  The letter need not be soley about the historic event but should mention it and reflect the time period concerned and should be written before 1980 and be sent to, from or within Ireland, ideally all letters should take on average 5 minutes to read. 

Writers whose work is chosen will have there work recorded and included in our special channel on Armchair Ireland called Letters Never Sent.  Writers in a position to record their work may do so but all recordings must be of a high quality, details of how to send them are available by contacting us through our contact page or by clicking here.

2 Across 4 Down

Last weekends trip to County Down allowed us to record 4 fantastic podcasts.  We both travelled across the country from west to east to record an episode of The Writers Passage with Tommy Sands and while we were there and boosted by a relaxing  time aided and abetted by the friendly staff at The Canal Court Hotel in Newry, we had a wonderful stay kindly provided by The Northern Ireland Tourist Board, we also recorded interviews and performances with Tommy as well as his brothers Ben and Colum.  We are not sure how much influence The NITB have on things but the sun was a constant companion to us as it shimmered on the surface of Carlingford Lough reflecting the majesty of both The Cooley Peninsula and The Mountains of Mourne as we made our journeys from Newry to Rostrevor and back.  We will be bringing these amazing recordings to you over the coming days but we start with an interview with Tommy which you can enjoy by clicking here.

For further information on Northern Ireland, contact their Tourist Information Centre in Suffolk St, Dublin 2 on callsave 1850 230 230 or go to

Calendar Road February 2011

We’re not sure if it is the fact that February only has 28 days, the trip to County Down for recordings of new podcasts, the new puppy or a heavy workload elsewhere but Sinead has been run off her feet of late and as a result was a wee bit late heading off down The Calendar Road this month but we think you will find it has been worth waiting for.  Spring is still a little way off yet but our hostess has gathered some great sayings and phrases to make the journey light.

All Change On Our Return

What a wonderful time we had in County Down.  We’d like to extend a big thank you to Ben, Colum and Tommy Sands for their wonderful hospitality and the generosity they showed with their time and their work.  We must also thank The Northern Ireland Tourist Board who ensured we had a relaxing place to rest our heads at The Canal Court Hotel in Newry.  Expect to see the first of our podcasts from this trip up on the site by the end of the week at latest.  We left home on Friday with 2 beautiful and lovable dogs Aja and Gaucho and an out going Government and returned home in the knowledge that by March 9th we would have a completely new Government and with 3 beautiful and lovable dogs.  Meet Ruby, the latest addition to our team.  Aja and Gaucho turn 12 this year and have appeared on radio ads and in some of our radio drama’s playing wolves and foxes.   Who knows what Ruby will get up to !

Time of Sands

We are making final plans to head off to Rostrevor and Newry for the weekend to record with Tommy, Colum and Ben Sands.  On Friday we will record The Writers Passage with Tommy based on his book “The Songman” and following that we will set about recording material for a home page for Tommy here on   On Saturday we record material with Colum and then Ben, these three brothers are excellent song writers and we are thrilled that we will be able to feature them as individual artists over the coming weeks and our trip gives us a chance to discover another part of Ireland, on that note, special thanks to The Northern Ireland Tourist Board who are treating us as their guests at The Canal Court Hotel in Newry for our visit. For further information on Northern Ireland, contact their Tourist Information Centre in Suffolk St, Dublin 2 on callsave 1850 230 230 or go to

We must of course perform our civic duty and vote before we head off on Friday, these are interesting times in that we are only away for a couple of nights but will leave with one Government and come back to another.  Enough about politics though, we have uploaded a new performance podcast by Pete Courtney during which he gives exclusive performances from his debut album “One of These Kids”

Graced by Granuaile

We have just added a podcast featuring a reading by Irish Author Anne Chambers from her biogrpaphy “Granuaile: Grace O’ Malley ~ Ireland’s Pirate Queen“.  Anne’s name has become synonymous with Grace O’Malley. Her adult biography has inspired documentary makers, musicians, artists and writers from a range of creative disciplines worldwide.  First published in 1979, the biography of Grace O’Malley has made a unique contribution to Irish publishing history, never having been out of print since. Now in its 7th edition the book has brought Grace O’Malley out of the shadows and restored her to her place in both political and maritime history.   A new anniversary edition was published by Gill&MacMillan (Dublin) in 2009 and the book has recently gone on distribution in the UK.  The book is based on the extensive research the author undertook among contemporaneous 16th century manuscript material, both in public and private domain, in Ireland and in the UK.  Anne’s biography for young people Granuaile: Sea Queen of Ireland was published in 2006.

Opening The Calendar Road for Another Year

 This unique venture in Irish podcasting is gaining fans everyday, a must for nature lovers and fans of Irish folklore alike.  The Calendar Road has been in our top 3 podcasts since it’s inception in 2009.  Sinead Mc Clure presents the first trip along  The Calendar Road for 2011 as she braves the cold wind and takes us on a short walk through the fields bordering the road to find a plant that holds significance for a festival coming up in a couple of days time. 

Back from the east

Well we are back from our trip to Dublin and Bray in County Wicklow where we recorded four new writers and what a great time we had. Our first offering from this trip is a podcast from Anne Chambers author of Granuaile: Grace O’ Malley ~ Irish Pirate Queen among others. Aside from her work as an author, Anne has enjoyed success with her short stories and scripts for stage, screen and TV and it is our pleasure to bring her to the world of podcasting. Aside from Grace O’ Malley, we also have podcasts from a writer of 2 books about Michael Collins and one about the vast heritage which is in easy reach of The Dublin Area Rapid Transport system or DART for short, add a little bit of humorous fiction and 2 more editions of The Writers Passage and now you know what we got up to last weekend on your behalf as we travel the country in search of unique recordings by Irish writers.