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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all from everyone here at  2011 will be a busy time for podcasting and although we did take a break over the festive season as far as uploading new podcasts is concerned, we hope we made enough of an effort with our Christmas podcasts to keep you entertained.  That said, the time has come to remove them but we will keep them and create others for Christmas 2011 and hopefully we will be celebrating other holidays by way of special podcasts.  Not to worry, we have non seasonal replacements for them and will be making them available free to listen now or download this week starting with a brand new performance podcast by Ursula Connolly  .  We will also be getting back to our series “The Writers Passage” which we took a brief respite from editing and because of the dangerous road conditions could not venture out to record new material but we were very busy arranging for new writers to come on board, that and catching up on those who still want share their work with us.  Also for non published writers we will have exciting news of how you can show off your writing skills in a brand new series called “Letters Never Sent” coming soon.

Christmas is coming !

Well we are getting nearer to Christmas but that hasn’t enticed us to curtial our podcasting activities, we are completely snowed in but we knew it was coming so are well prepared for it.  This being The Winter Solstice, we have The December edition of The Calendar Road for you to add to our our podcast published earlier this week by Alice Taylor about her book “The Night before Christmas“, Ursula Connolly performing “Let Your Heart be Strong This Christmas” our Christmas Showcase and our story The Voice of Christmas. We have one or two more Christmas related podcasts to bring you before the big day but don’t forget that these podcasts are Christmas specials and will only be available during the holiday season.  We know many of you cannot be in Ireland for Christmas, though you are here in spirit and we sincerly hope that through our free audio podcasts we can bring you a little closer to spending Christmas in Ireland and you can at least go someway towards having an Irish Christmas.

The second day of Christmas podcasts

As promised we bring you another podcast with a Christmas flavour.  We are delighted to welcome singer/songwriter Ursula Connolly to  We chatted with Ursula beside a roaring turf fire in at her home near the village of  Leitrim about her music and her collaborations in writing with brother Peter before Ursula accompanied by guitarist Phil Wakefield performed some of her songs which will will be bring you in the coming weeks.  In the first podcast and especially for Christmas, Ursula and Phil gave us an exclusive acoustic version of her new single “Let You Heart Be Strong This Christmas”

It’s that time of Year

We are celebrating Christmas here on with some really special Irish podcasts for you with a special yuletide flavour.  Coming to the end of our first year of podcasting, we are thrilled to bring you some seasonal audio podcasts over the holiday season.  We have uploaded a most enchanting piece with Alice Taylor as she recounts growing up on The Cork/Kerry border at Christmas time, a subject which inspired her book ” The Night Before Christmas“.  We will also be bringing you a special and exclusive acoustic performance of “Let your Heart Be Strong This Christmas”  from Ursula Connolly and The Show Case Christmas Special and one or two other projects we are working on.  As if that is not enough, we will have episode 2 of The Writers Passage” before Santa leaves The North Pole.

It may be winter outside

All of our plans have been thrown into dissaray as Ireland is gripped firmly by this cold snap so we are somewhat behind shedule recording new podcasts but when all is back to normal, rest assured, we have a host of writers lined up and ready to read for you.  In the meantime, we still have quite a few podcasts that we have not brought you yet including a new performance podcasts from Carmel Gunning which we have just uploaded.  The Writers Passage will also make it’s debut this week but we want to thank you all as we pass a significant milestone today in reaching 1 million hits for the site since January 1st.  We would also like to remind you you that you can get automatic updates when we upload new podcasts by subscribing to our free RSS feed (as many of you have) or you can follow us on Twitter where we are known as podcastsdotie or on Facebook as (don’t forget the capital P) in the meantime its back to roaring a fire and a hearty breakfast for a short while before returning to our podcasting duties later.

To warm the winter chill

We have added another 2 podcasts for you which we hope will stave the bitter cold which has Ireland and Britain in it’s grip at the moment.  The snow is also affecting most of mainland Europe too and and as usual, parts of The USA and Canada but we are just not used to such an early winter here in Connacht.  So while our friends in New Zealand and Australia are enjoying their summer, for those of us who have to baton down the hatches, we bring you the November edition of The Calendar Road which this month sees Sinead reflect on some of the animals she has spotted along the road since the show first began podcasting from Ireland a year ago.  We also have 3 short readings by travel writer John Mulligan one of which is from his novel “No Place Like The Sun”, how prophetic is that ?. And don’t worry about Príon (pictured) he and his friend Jack are getting plenty to eat and are well sheltered from the cold !

Village Life from Cork

Our latest Irish podcasting piece sees best selling author Alice Taylor talking about and reading from her third novel “The Village”  which describes her arrival in Innishannon County Cork where she arrived to start her married life and still  lives in today.  Be sure to catch this podcast while you can as we have a special treat to bring in the Christmas season featuring Alice talking about her book “The Night Before Christmas“, part of the trilogy that also featured “To School Through The Fields” and “Quench The Lamp”  We are busy thinking of ways to make the site more seasonal for the holiday and we hope you will remember to choose at least some of your presents from the vast material featured here on  You cannot purchase the featured books or CDs directly from us but you will find a link to all our writers on their individual pages and don’t forget that concert tickets will be a welcome present too.  If we can be of any assistance in helping you buy any of the books, CDs or tickets available through our featured writers pages please feel free to e mail us at studio @ (you will need to remove the spaces, they are only there to stop unwelcome spam e mails) In the meantime we have plenty more podcasts by Irish writers to bring you before the end of the year

Our Remembered.

As Ireland and the world remembers Armistice Day, and the Remembrance celebrations continue for the rest of this week.   Here at we would like to re-direct you to two podcasts that remember those Irish people who lost their lives in wars across the world.  If you visit our  People & Places category,  Michael Feeney will give you a guided tour of  the Mayo Peace Park and in another podcast Paul and Chris talk about working at The War Memorial in Bray, County Wicklow.

“And where the earth was soft for flowers we made
A grave for him that he might better rest.
So, Spring shall come and leave it seet arrayed,
And there the lark shall turn her dewy nest.
”  Excerpt from A Soldier’s Grave by Francis Ledwidge (1887-1917 Ireland)

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Something to Crow About

We have added the first of our performance podcasts by NoCrows.  This exclusive session includes 2 tracks form their latest album NoCrows On The Moon which were recorded at The Model Art in Sligo exclusively for  Anna Houston introduces October Snow/ Bingo Byrnes and Dancing at The Crossroads while in his introduction Steve Wickham gives you the full story about who Pascal was before the band performs the song with English lyrics. Meanwhile the band are gearing up for their launch concerts

Their hometown gig is at The Model in Sligo with a unique concert featuring several special guests on 26th of November at 8:00pm. Admission: €15/12. Age restrictions: All Ages. Box office: +353 (0) 71 914 14 05.

and you can find out where else they are playing by clicking here

Jack Harte Launches New Book

We have added a new podcasts by Sligo born writer Jack Harte as he reads from his book Unravelling The Spiral which is about the life and work of reknowned sculptor Fred Conlon whose works are on display in almost every corner of Ireland.  Unravelling The Spiral was launched this evening at The Irish Writers Centre in Dublin and you can hear Jack talking about Fred and giving an insight as to why he wrote the book and reading a poem which Fred asked him to write. We have plenty more free audio podcasts to come this month as promised so watch this space.