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Podcast Plans November 2010

It is incredible to think that we are into November already and we’re busy podcasting away for you so we have plenty more free audio podcasts planned for you this month.  Tomorrow we will be bringing you a new page from NoCrows.  The band based in Sligo have just released their third album NoCrows On The Moon and staying in Sligo we have a reading from Jack Harte’s latest book Unravelling The Spiral about the work of Sculptor Fred Conlon which is due for launch at The Irish Writers Centre on Saturday, still from Sligo we will have short readings from all 3 of John Mulligan’s books and from The Cailleach of Sligo by Michael Roberts , from Cork Alice Taylor will be reading from her novel The Village and from Kilkenny Claire Nolan will be reading from her book based on the life of Alice Kytler The Stone.  We continue to record and edit our series of special podcasts based on 10 Irish books The Writers Passage which we will be uploading later in the month. We also have several other writers coming your way and of course new Showcase shows The Documentary on One from the RTE show’s archive and as always the month will come to an end with another edition of  The Calendar Road

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Double No Trouble

We have 2 new Podcasts for you today especially for Halloween.  In Sean Og and The Hag written specially for, Jho Harris brings us back to Ireland in 1799 to a story based on The Longford/Leitrim border an a cold October evening.  I wonder if it could have happened on The Calendar Road ?  Perhaps not, but again especially for Halloween Sinead Mc Clure takes to The Calendar Road in the dark, it seems obvious she won’t see much of the flora or fauna but perhaps she knows something about things that go bump in the night !

Alice through the parting glass

We are delighted to add Kilkenny born author Claire Nolan to our growing list of featured writers.  A timely piece from Claire whose book The Stone is her version of what happened to Alice Kytler the last suspected witch in Kilkenny in the 1300’s.  In our first podcast with Claire we spoke to her about her book and about Dame Alice in Kytler’s Inn Kilkenny, once one of Alices’ many ill begotten properties but nowadays a busy and welcoming hostelry in the heart of Kilkenny and like almost everything else in the city lies under the shadow of it’s famous castle.  This is a busy week in for us not alone for podcasting but for answering the many e mails we receive and we are delighted to have put several of our visitors question to their favourite writers and forwarding on the answers.  We tend not to get these questions in our comments section but under “contact us” on our home page, these are private e mails and do not appear on our public pages so if you have a question to put to one of our writers you can click here and we will be happy to pass on your e mail.  We also have a new story for our Myths and Legends channel written and narrated especiallyfor Halloween by Jho Harris which will be posted within hours as well as The Calendar Road as Sinead Mc Clure looks into the ways of country folk during Halloween.  If you would like to keep up to date with all the latest podcasts as they are published, you should subscribe to our free RSS feed or join us on Face Book and look for or you will find us on Twitter under podcastsdotie.  We have also been approached by one or two literary related Irish websites who want us to join forces with them to make the appreciation of Irish writers more accessible, more on that as it developes.

Another New Writer

We are thrilled to welcome a new writer to, though he has published many papers, this is the first book from Sligo writer Michael Roberts whose book The Cailleach of Sligo has just been published and brings together many of the favourite stories and myths from the Nortwest of Ireland that have travelled the world.  Michael is an anthropologist by profession so there is a lot to be learned, not alone from the stories he has included but in the detailed research he carried out and which he so generously shares with us.   As it is Halloween we not only bring you myths but we have a legend from Kilkenny in the 1320’s as we bring you another first time author, we have a Halloween special on The Calendar Road and we’re working on a new showcase and all before the weekend is out.  Watch this space !

Another Great Documentary from RTE

We have just posted another great documentary from the multi award winning RTE series Documentary on One.  This Place Speaks to Me  was first broadast in 2000 and featured Dublin based Musician and Actor Don Baker and his time in Daingean Reform Centre between 1963 and 1964.  We have no less than 4 new writers recorded and ready for upload and we will be meeting up with the first group to  be featured here on  There are also writers who have promised to join us but we must wait for a little free time in their schedules. In a busy week which will see new editions of The Calendar Road and Showcase No.5 becoming available, we will also be bringing you at least one new featured prose writer and continuing to prepare our series “The Writers Passage” which will be new for November as we continue to bring you free, high quality audio podcasts featuring voices from Ireland.

Back To School With Alice

We are thrilled to welcome Alice Taylor to  Our visit to Cork on Sunday allowed us to interview Alice whose first book “To School Through The Fields: An Irish Childhood” (Brandon Books) catapulted her to international success in 1989 and has received a 4.9 rating from 5 on a certain book selling website.  Alice was most generous with her time and even took us to see the school and her family home across those now famous fields. Alice’s infamous memoir will be featured as one of 10 special podcasts soon to be made available here on called The Writers Passage, 10 books whose authors take us on an intimate journey to the locations in which their books are based.  Watch this space !

Home Sweet Home

Just back from our trip through Longford, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Cork and almost Kerry and the recordings are brilliant, Jack Harte, Claire Nolan, Steve Dunford and Alice Taylor were brilliant to work with and so generous with their time and knowledge.  We arrived back to find a pile of voice over work waiting to be done and that is likely to keep us busy for a day or two then we can get down to editing and uploading the first in the series of “The Writers Passage” for you which we are sure you will enjoy listening to as much as we enjoyed making.  Still another five to record but so far so very, very good.  In the meantime we have a couple of podcasts ready to upload and a brand new writer to bring you in the next couple of days.  Now where’s the kettle ?

The Writers Passage begins recording

We began recording the first of 10 new podcasts called The Writers Passage yesterday with Author and travel writer John Mulligan as we followed in the footsteps of his great grand uncles from Monasteraden in County Sligo to Cloondara in County Longford and what a great experience that proved to be.  A fascinating story unfolded as we made our way from the bridge near the Flannery brothers house to the point at which they joined The Grand Canal on an epic walk to take them to Dublin just after the famine.  Our post from October 3rd will explain the rest of our itinerary for this week but will make time to let you know how we are getting on as we move south to Cork before heading back to edited our podcasts for you.  In the meantime, we have changed Charlie Mc Gettigan’s podcast so that you can once again enjoy “Feet of a Dancer” among other exclusive performances for

Irish Hero, The Beginning

We have just added May Moran reading from her book “Executed for Ireland – The Patrick Moran Story” in which May describes how she came across the material that led her to write it.  This coming week we set off around the country to begin recording The Writers Passage.  On Monday we make the short journey to Monasteraden on the shores of Lough Gara and then it is off to Roscommon and Longford we are “Following in The Footsteps of The Four Famous Flannery’s with John Mulligan. Then on Thursday we go to Lanesborough with Jack Harte “In The Wake of The Bagger”.  Friday it is Clonmel and Cashel with Stephen Dunford to explore the lives of at least 2  of “The Irish Highwaymen”, to Kilkenny on Saturday to get the mysteries of “The Stone” with Claire Nolan and on Sunday we are in Cork where we get to witness where Alice Taylor went “To School Through The Fields”   It will be an eventful and hopefully an enjoyable few days but we will only be halfway through our journey.

Pete Courtney brings us Karma

Great news that singer songwriter Pete Courtney has released his second album “Karma Biscuits” and is currently touring Ireland but even better news for us is that Pete joined us for an exclusive interview and perfomed from the album at The Dock in Carrick-on Shannon last weekend.  We took to the courtyard  just yards from The River Shannon and The N4 and you can hear the interview now, in a day or two we will post the exclusive unplugged.  We also have the September edition of The Calendar Road, can Sinead see the kingfisher that has recently been spotted along the river ?

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