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Writer Who Walks The Walk

As we continue to bring you Ireland’s best podcasts, we are delighted to welcome travel writer and novelist John Mulligan on board here at  We took our podcasting equipment just a few miles down the road to talk to John at his Boyle base and you can hear an interview with John as he talks about his 3 books and gives you the first insight into our writers passage series which we mentioned in our previous post. John also talks about his latest walk which followed the same route as that taken by Mc Alpine’s Fusiliers fom London to Birkenhead.  We have several more podcasts at the ready and we will be adding them to the site soon and as the month draws to a close, it is time for Sinead to take to the Calendar Road to find out how autumn is treating our flora and fauna.  You can also look forward to Showcase number 4, a radio style show presented by Jho Harris highlighting some of the performances from over 100 free Irish podcasts available at  So whether you want to just sit at your computer and listen or download to your Mp3 player, there is always great company in The Voices from Ireland we bring you.  Just one more thing, if you enjoy our podcasts, then we are doing something right and would love to hear from you (it gives great encouragement to our writers) but we would really appreciate it if you tell your friends to visit us or you can follow us on Twitter as podcastsdotie or Facebook and My Space as

Another launch, another podcast

Josh Johnston launched his new CD “The Shape of Things” yesterday and today we have added an exclusive unplugged podcast of Josh performing 3 of the tracks from the album  We have been talking to authors about our upcoming series of special podcasts “The Writers Passage” and it is shaping up nicely.  This week we will be finalising dates with our chosen scribes and making plans to visit counties Down, Kilkenny, Cork, Waterford, Roscommon, Sligo, Mayo, Monaghan, Tipperary and Dublin as part of this series of specially commisssioned podcasts sponsored by The Arts Council of Ireland.  The series will be available to listen to or download from late October and once all of our final arrangements are in place we will be happy to bring you up to date on what towns or cities we are going to and with whose book is the basis for the tour, so watch this space.

More Podcasts Added

We are pleased to welcome Josh Johnston to and we have changed the performance podcast on Kate Kerrigan’s page so you can now hear her read from her latest novel “Ellis Island“, there is also a new Documentary In The Shadow of The New Forest” and a brand new storybased on The Tuatha De Dannen called  “The Letter” under Myths and Legends written and narrated by Sinead Mc Clure.  In other news our exclusive series of Podcasts “The Writers Passage” is at an advanced stage of pre production and will be available in November and we have many more writers to bring to you over the comming weeks

More Great Podcasts

Just Back from Dublin where we recorded several new podcasts for you and you can expect to hear them in the coming days.  First of a collection works from 3 Musicians we met up with is an interview with composer Josh Johnston whose new album “The Shape of Things” will be released shortly.  We joined Josh at his childhood home in Dun Laoighre and you can now vist Josh’s page here to listen to or download our interview with him.

New Book, New Author

May Moran only knew some sketchy details about her late uncle Patrick’s execution in 1921 that was until her aunt left her a leather case of papers which she had guarded for over 75 years.  What May found in the case took her on a voyage of discovery which led to a major Irish publisher releasing the book “Executed for Ireland, The Patrick Moran Story in the summer of 2010.

We are delighted to welcome May to and have posted an exclusive interview with her recorded not 200 yards from where she and her uncle Patrick were born and raised. Over the next week or so we will be adding some exclusive passages from the book, which May describes as a labour of love but is a fascinating insight into one mans participation during Ireland’s struggle for freedom.

More from William Wall

We are, as always busy working behind the scenes to bring you more podcasts.  This week we began in earnest to plan our newest feature, a brand new venture in podcasting called  The Writers Passage.  There is a lot of planning involved in this series funded by The Arts Council of Ireland but suffice to say that come November you will have 10 exclusive podcasts that will give you a unique insight into 10 great books from Irish writers.  In the meantime we have uploaded a new performance Podcast by William Wall recorded at The Cork International Airport Hotel in March this year where William read “What Slim Boy, Oh Pyrrah” from his short story collection “No Paradiso“”

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Invisible Podcasts

While doing some routine site maintenace we noticed that 2 of our podcasts in The People and Places section of our Armchair Ireland section were not visible, these are Working at The War Memorial in Bray which features 2 local men Paul and Chris who are part of a small group of volunteers who maintain this memorial built by the people of Bray beside The Carlisle Grounds near Daly Railway Station in the town.  You can also enjoy an interview about The Irish Writers Centre in Dublin with it’s Chairman Jack Harte, you can also visit Jack Harte as a featured writer in his own right. We do hope this oversight has not been of any convience in previous visits and that you check out these podcasts.

We continue adding to our podcasts this week with the 24th edition of The Artbeat Archive.  This show features readings by Jack Harte and AJ Healy as well as poetry as geilge from John Corbett and in English by John Sheehan of The Dubliners and Alice Lyons.  The show also features a version and the story behind “Feet of a dancer by Charlie McGettigan.

Seven Months of

Well here are just 7 months old and growing, today we passed the half a million hits mark and we are fast approaching our 100th podcast. Podcasts 98 is the July edition of The Calendar Road which looks at roadside plants & wildflowers and our world clock pays homage t the townland of Nook in County Monaghan

Well all dialogue for “Spike And The Magic Pocket of Time” recorded now it’s down to recording the narration and sound effects then mixing and editing before it is aired on RTE Junior in September.  A reminder that you can hear “The Remarkable Adventures of Spike The Hedgehog” on RTE Junior on Saturday mornings at 11 Irish time or you can listen to it via the RTE Digital website.  As you can see earlier this week we added a new story called “How The Wolf Lost His Tail” written by Steve Dunford  under Myths & Legends and more recently there is a new performance podcast by Thom Moore featuring “Carolina Rua” and the previously unrecorded “Bright Spots With Lashing Rain” to enjoy.  There is also have some really good news for from The Arts Council, details to follow very soon.