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Stories on the road

Lough Talt, County Sligo

Just come back from another days recording.  Today we visited Killala in County Mayo.  We recorded some stories from the Author Steve Dunford, these are stories that Steve has adapted from old stories passed down from childhood.  These recordings will soon feature in our Myths & Legends Section.  We also had the pleasure of visiting another writer who will shortly become one of our featured Prose Writers, we met with Kate Kerrigan and she talked about her recent novels and read some of her work for inclusion on   Driving home we were reminded that we are very priviliged in our work,  not only because we are meeting such lovely people who are so generous with their time, not only because we get a front seat at unique readings and performances but also we get views like this one to stop and look at.   This photo was taken on our way home on the road from Ballina to Tubbercurry, the reflections on Lough Talt almost took our breath away!

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Another Update!

We have just added a new section called People & Places, you will find these under the drop down menu for Voices from Ireland – Also this week we have an interview with Ger Reidy which can be found in the Featured Poets Section.

On the road again

Just back from a visit to Dublin.  We were recording more artists for inclusion here on  On Thursday the 18th we had the great pleasure of meeting and recording with Singer Songwriter Thom Moore at his home in Dublin.  Thom gave us a fantastic interview about his work and performed some of the songs that have made him a one of Ireland’s most cherished songwriters.  Thom, originally from California, via Lebanon and Russia, made Ireland his home in the 1970’s and his songs have been covered by many of Ireland’s well known performers. 

After our session with Thom we were warmed even more with a visit to the Augustinian Order in Ballyboden and a recording session with Poet Padraig J Daly.   Padraig read some of his poems for us and spoke about his poetry in conversation with Jho Harris. 

On Friday the 19th of February we had a tour of The Irish Writers Centre in Parnell Square, with its Chairman Author Jack Harte.  Jack has his own page here on and it was a wonderful experience to see the centre and we were blown away by the resources offered through the writers centre to our up and coming and established writers.  We documented the visit for you, with an interview and guided tour.

On Friday afternoon we were delighted to meet with Poet Celia De Fréine – Celia writes extensively in the Irish Language and it was a pleasure to hear her read her work for us – she was extremely generous and it was very interesting to hear the translations of her work in English. 

All of these ‘On the Road’ recordings will be available for you to listen to on in coming weeks.  In the meantime we would like to welcome Singer Songwriter Donnacha Toomey to our featured musicians section and we are sure you will enjoy his unplugged performances on that page.

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Back from Galway

Just spent a lovely weeked in Galway.  Travelled to Barna and Tuam, (we didn’t have to wish we were on the N17!)  As we said in the last post had a wonderful recording session with Singer Songwriter Johnny Duhan, such a generous man, both with his time and the music he shared with us for inclusion on – We also had a recording session with a bright new talented Singer Songwriter and exceptional guitarist Donnacha Toomey, who travelled all the way from County Kerry via Longford to meet with us!  Donnacha’s music is lively and infectious and his guitar skills are superb!  Both songwriters wowed us with their unplugged performances, and we are sure they will do the same for you when we put them up on the featured musicians section in coming weeks.

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On the road – recordings.

Wednesday the 10th of February had a brilliant recording session with Historian /Author Steve Dunford, Steve spoke about his passion for 1798 Rebellion, known as The Year of the French and his extensive works on this piece of Irish history, he also read from his books ‘The Irish Highwaymen’ and ‘The Táin Bo Fleidhis’.  

Friday the 12th of February met with Singer/Songwriter Johnny Duhan for a spine tingling recording session as he spoke about and performed some of the works from his excellent back catalogue, including the world renowned song ‘The Voyage’.

Now it’s off to studio to make both these sessions into podcasts for you and add them to the content here on!  So stay tuned!

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February Update

Hi everyone,

Thank you for visiting us here at  To those of you here for the first time, you are very welcome and to those who keep coming back to us thank you for your loyalty.  Over the past number of months we have been testing and retesting the site to ensure that it is easy to use and not hard on the eye but most importantly that we can offer you the highest possible sound quality without asking you to wait ages to download our files.  Many visitors may be new to the concept of podcasting and so may we remind you that you have a choice with our sound files.  You can listen to them live and open another browser window and continue to surf the web or you can download the files and transfer them to a personal Mp 3 player to listen to later but we suggest that you create a folder for yourself in which to save the podcasts so that you know where they are when you want them.  We appreciate your patience too, from this weekend we are embarking on a frenzy of recordings and we will be adding quite a few more writers to the page between now and the end of the month and we are continuing to contact more writers and scheduling recording sessions with them.  The reaction from writers is fantastic and this will be more evident to you sooner rather than later but please remember we must contact the writer, arrange to meet up for recording and then edit the work before we can upload it for you , so it has taken us a lot of time to get where we are!  But again, there will a be a lot more podcasts for you by February’s end and it looks like they could be coming thick and fast from then on.

Enjoy listening!


Jho Harris

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More news from

This week we have included an exclusive recording from the Poet Terry McDonagh, this is an opportunity to hear Terry reading a selection of his work and in some cases listen to his explanation of how the poem came about.  This is something we hope to do more of on Voices from Ireland, let you become an audience member in your own personal reading.   Also we will be adding more writers for you in the weeks to come here at and have set recording dates for a number of authors and songwriters.  So we can gaurantee that there will be lots of choice in the coming weeks.

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Podcasting for you.

If you are new to podcasts you may be wondering – What is this all about?  Well let me explain podcasts are recordings that you can listen to anytime you like and indeed anywhere you like, within reason of course and taking into account what you are listening to them on.   Here at you can click on a file’s play button and listen on your computer whilst you are surfing the site or indeed whilst you are surfing the web, alternatively you can download the file and listen to it at your leisure offline on your computer or put it on an Mp3 player or SD Card and play it whilst you are out walking, in your car or if the energy exists whilst you are doing your daily jog!

Podcasts are really just broadcasts.  Except Pod means Personal On Demand – meaning you can have that broadcast with you.  Unlike downloading music, there is no charge for downloading our podcasts but the same law applies to its usage because of the copyright issues you aren’t allowed to make copies of our podcasts and in turn we too are limited to only allowing  content with the consent of the writer/publisher in order for us to broadcast it – so podcasts aren’t exactly a radio station they are just recordings that we are allowed to share with you within the copyright laws of our country and the web.  

Currently are applying for an IMRO licence which will allow us some room to include music for you.  These will be exciting, unplugged recordings from many of our talented singer/songwriters and  just like we have the permission to broadcast audio from our featured writers we will be able to make available some of the best contemporary writers in music for your listening pleasure and in time we will be making shows featuring the best of our writers in word and music.  So have a look around the site, check out our newly added content, there is much more to follow in coming weeks before our official launch date!

So at, podcasting is for you.

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