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The Voice of Christmas

 Noel Carney is a young bachelor living near Avoca, He was happy with his lot until one Christmas his chances of romance were dashed by a newspaper article.  Despite being a lifelong Pioneer, Noel decided to break his pledge but a strange twist in the donkey’s barn on Christmas eve was not what he was expecting.

The Voice of Christmas was written and is read by Jho Harris

Our 30th edition of The Showcase

We have been making this podcast now for two and half years, showcase Irish writers from all genre’s.  This month, after a couple of days off which we spent in France, we decided on as French a theme as we could get and so we have Tony Reidy singing a song about a car that synonymous with our Gallic cousins called ‘Renualt 4’Celeste Augé daughter of an Irish mother and French Canadian father reads her short story ‘Exile 88′Alan Murphy reads ‘According to Marc Chagall’ and Michele Ann Kelly returns for her second showcase in a row with ‘Lost in Paris’ though the Paris in question for this song happens to be in Illinois and finally, it is nigh on impossible (at least to an Irish ear to deny the Frenchness of ‘Pascal’ by NoCrows. Showcase Number 29

This months podcast showcase includes poetry from Noel Monahan as he reads ‘ Hymn for a foggy fair day from his collection ‘ The Curse of The BirdsJack Harte  reads from his current book ‘Unravelling The Spiral’  a tribute to the life and works of Sculptor Fred Conlon as well as Kevin O’ Shea reading ‘ The Burren according to Shane’ from his recently published first collection ‘The Art of Non Fishing’ and music comes from Michele Ann Kelly as she performs ‘Shark Cages’ and Mickey Harte who performs ‘Living in Our Town’  from his recently released album ‘ Forward to Reality’

Kevin’s Okay

We are delighted to bring you another newly published writer and first time podcaster.  Kevin O’ Shea has just launched his first collection ‘The Art of Non Fishing’.  Recorded as part of a session we has in Tuam County Galway with a number of writers attached to Doire Press. Showcase No. 28

We are approaching the end of our 3rd year with, hard to believe how time has gone so quickly.  Those of you new to this particular podcast might have already surmised that having a showcase is just that.  In this programme we have poetry as Noel Duffy reads ‘The Erg Chebbi’,  Celeste Augé reads ‘Galway; Circa 1985’ and Thomas Mc Carthy reads ‘Dedalus‘, we have music from Colum Sands performing ‘Looking for The Loan Of a Spade’ and Mickey Harte performs ‘Practical‘ from his brand new album ‘Forward to Reality’ and we pay a quick visit to the latest edition of The Calendar Road.

Death in Kerry: The story behind ‘The Field’

In 1959, Moss Moore, a wiry fifty year old bachelor farmer was found murdered in rural Kerry. After a ten-day search, his badly beaten body was recovered hidden in a ravine twenty yards from his cottage.  The community didn’t look far for a suspect.  Moore’s nearest neighbour Dan Foley, a tall burly ex-IRA fighter, was engaged in a long running and bitter dispute over the positioning of a fence. The friendship between the two men had by this stage disintegrated into a very bitter and public dispute with a court date set for the following month.

The police never prosecuted Foley. His family blame the police for not capturing the ‘real’ murderer. The community blame the police for not catching Foley.  Angry at no conviction, some locals took the law into their own hands, a boycott of Foley was organised and he was forced to live on the very margins of the mountain community. Twice rifles were fired on his home and once it was dynamited.  Foley died before his time five years later, not far from where Moss Moore’s body was recovered.

After his death, John B Keane wrote the play The Field, basing his central character “the Bull McCabe” on Foley. But Foley’s only living relatives now claim there is one major difference between fact and fiction: Dan Foley was not a murderer.

Compiled and presented by Ciaran Cassidy

Production Supervision by Peter Woods

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Standing on Ceremony

E publishing and Irish podcasting came together for a successful series of short stories last March.  Teaming up with and The Oscar Wilde Centre at TCD we recorded podcasts by 16 new and emerging writers over 2 days at facilities kindly provided by The Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoighre.  Most of the writers had time to read just one piece but others had 2 pieces prepared for us.  One such is EM Reapy founder of whose first story ‘Getting Better’ reached No. 1 on Tunes.  Now her second, rather short offering ‘The Ceremony’ is also avilable to enjoy. Showcase No. 27

This months Irish writers showcase podcast features a short story by E.M. Reapy as she reads her second contribution ‘The Ceremony’.  We have a reading by Johnny Duhan from his book ‘Into The Light’ and Johnny also performs the song Avene and Alana as featured in the reading.  There is poetry from Padraig J Daly reading ‘Singleness‘. Donnacha Toomey sings ‘Duty Free’ from his forthcoming album and Des Mc Hale as featured in our series Mayo’s Heritage a piece based on his book ‘Picture The Quiet Man’

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All This And; Heaven Too

Following a really enjoyable and highly successful few days recording at our old friend Willie Smyth’s place in Tuam, we are delighted to bring you the first of many podcasts recorded over the weekend.  Jim Mullarkey is a short story writer whose first collection is called ‘And’  from which he read ‘ Heaven’ the story which was short listed in The RTE Francis Mc Manus Awards.  Jim is just one of 7 writers we worked with whose work is published by Dóire Press and over the coming weeks we will be featuring the interviews and performances we captured for you.  In the meantime we hope you enjoy Jim’s engaging interview during which he talks about his work.

Road Works For Andy

                                                                                                    What a lovely review of The Calendar Road we discovered today by Andy Howell.  Sinead as usual decided on modesty as the best way to deal with the situation.  The Calendar Road is our monthly nature lovers podcast and has proved really popular since day one.  The idea came to Sinead some years ago when we were discussing ideas that would make good radio but we never managed to find thr right vehicle for it on the airwaves.  Then in October 2009 when we were beginning to test, Sinead took the idea a step further and recorded what was to be the first episode and continued every month since.  When the site finally went live in January 2010 The Calendar Road proved to be one of our most populat podcasts and remains so some two and a half years later lying second only to our Myths and Legends Channel.  To date the programme has been listened to over 4,500 times and receives many welcome comments from the army of fans it has built up.  Andy came across The Calendar Road as a result of his friendship with Bob Cartwright one of the judges of The European Podcasts Awards.   The Calendar Road was one of the 3 required entries we put forward for the awards and which landed us 3rd place for professional podcasts from Britain and Ireland and 7th overall in Europe.  Bob too has been a great supporter of The Calendar road so to Andy, Bob and all of the loyal visitors to this and all of our podcasts we say thank you.  If you would like to read Andy’s review you can visit his blog at