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Have a Swimming New Year for 2012

We are delighted to have this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year on what is for us our 2nd anniversary.  It was on the 1st of January 2010 that first went public and we have been very much encouraged by your response ever since.  2012 will see us bring you even more great Irish writers, people and places, a continuation of The Calendar Road and The Showcase and we are planning some new podcast subjects for this year too.  In the meantime we’d like to remind you that  that because of their seasonal nature, our special Christmas podcasts, namely, The Gift, Sally and The Snowy Path, The Voice of Christmas and The Showcase at Christmas will be removed tomorrow so you only have a few hours to listen to them before they are packed away for next year.

 Thank you once again for your support whether you have been with us from the very beginning or have just discovered our site.

Merry Christmas from

Well it will shortly be Christmas here for us at but our friends in the southern hemisphere have already had their visit from Santa, some are an hour less away and other severl hours nehind but the amount of good will we have received this holiday season suggest that the only difference between is is that of time.  We would sincerely like to thank all of you who are subscribed to for your support and encouragement and to remind you that our special Christmas podcasts, namely, The Gift, Sally and The Snowy Path, The Voice of Christmas and The Showcase at Christmas will only be available until early January.  We are looking forward to our third year in existance.  We already have many new podcasts lined up for 2012 and are planning new ideas all the time.  We hope we can rely on your continued support.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

Showcase at Christmas

Last year we made some very special Irish podcasts especially for Christmas.  Since early January they have been lying in safe storage and over the past few days the podcasting elves have busy digging them up and dusting them off.   They could not wait to get their hands on this one in particular.  Our Christmas showcase features yuletide music from Johnny Duhan and Ursula Connolly while Alice Taylor recounts growing up on The Cork/Kerry border based on her book called ‘ The Night before Christmas’ and we see what Christmas is like on The Calendar Road .  We will have more free Christmas podcasts for you as the season progresses but remember, they will only be available for the holiday season.

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Writers Showcase No 18

Our podcasting elves are busily working on a showcase Christmas special for you which will be ready in a week or two but the meantime our penultimate Podcasting Showcase for 2011 features 3 writers who were involved in our Arts Council of Ireland funded series ‘The Writers Passage’.  From the series itself we visit episode 3 as we venture to the bogs above the town of Lanesborough County Longford with Jack Harte as he explains the premis of his novel ‘ In The Wake of The Bagger’ and though not from the series Tommy Sands who presented episode 6 for us based on his book ‘The Songman’, sings a song about going back to  his native County Down and the presenter of episode 5 author and historian Steve Dunford reads from ‘The Irish Highwaymen’ which was the subject of his episode of ‘The Writer’s Passage’.  We also have poetry from Alan Murphy and music by Michele Ann Kelly .  If you are new to hyperlinks and the web you can click on the highlighted text to go straight to the pages mentioned, simply click on the writers name to visit their own page her on or on the episode number to visit ‘The Writers Passages’ we mention or on the name The Writer’s Passage to go to the landing page for the series. Showcase No. 17

In our latest Irish podcasting showcase, we have more Irish writers and performers for you to enjoy although our theme is not entirely Irish this month.  We have three poems for you as John F Deane reads ‘Canticle’, Celia De Freine reads ‘No Mans Land’ both in English and in Irish, Mark Roper reads ‘Firelight’.  Our music comes from NoCrows and Johnny Duhan as well as a performance from ‘The Messiah’  and we delve into The Writer’s Passage with Tommy Sands.


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Update on happenings

We have a bit of a catch up to do for you on Ireland’s Top Independent Podcasting site   It has been a busy time for us since our last news posting .  Not least was the  fact that our international server was hacked yesterday and we were just one of 700,000 websites affected by mindless hackers with nothing better to do.  We are back in full swing and hopeful that your enjoyment of our podcasts was not spoiled in anyway during this short but annoying spell.   On the positive side we has a few days away to charge the batteries during which time we discussed ideas to make changes to the site but not the service, which we hope you will like them, truth is you may not even notice them but time will tell.   On the podcasts side we are honoured to bring you a man who can perhaps be called the father of Irish poetry.  John F Deane is not alone one of our most distinguished writers, he also started Poetry Ireland, The Poetry Ireland Review and Daedalus Press each one instrumental in developing poetry in Ireland

Holy Cow

We have finally managed to upload a story that captured Irish radio listeners when it was first printed. ‘ The Presbyterian Cow’ is included as part of the readings included on Hazel Mc Intyre’s page.  Also new this week is a revised interview and readings for Pauline Fayne‘s page as we eventually managed to meet up with her following the release of her 4th collection ‘Mowing In The Dark’.  We have also been asked by our good friend Paula Lahiff to tell you about her latest project ‘Mid Life Slices’  she and her panel are looking for submissions for a photo-book anthology of poetry, prose and visual arts,which celebrate positivity in the face of mid-life challenges from, or relating to, women in the mid-40s to mid-60s, in Sligo, Leitrim and West Cavan.  All details are on the website Closing date for submissions is 31st October 2011 and they hope to launch the book on International Women’s Day – 8th March 2012.

Driven by Writers

 We bring you car’s, black widows, aunties, grannies and angels in our latest Podcast Showcase featuring the best of Irish writers of Music, poetry and prose.  Pauline Fayne reads from her latest collection ‘Mowing in The Dark’ as she reads ‘ The Granny’ and ‘Angel’  While Pat Flynn was The Garda Superintendent at the time of the Tom Nevin murder recounts his arrival on the scene from his book ‘Catherine and Friends’ (Liberties Press)  while our music is provided by Tony Reidy with a song called ‘Renault 4’ (pictured) and from his album ‘ The Note that Lingers On’ Colum Sands gives us an exclusive rendition of  ‘ Going Down To The Well With Maggie’.  We have have news that Vincent Caprani is to launch his much anticpated ‘ Rowdy Rhymes and Rec-im-itations’ (Gil & Macmillan) at The Teachers Club in Dublin on Thursday next 15th of September.  We have also added several writers since our last showcase including Pat Flynn, David Metcalf, Hazel Mc Intyre and Mark Roper as well as The August edition of  The Calendar Road.   Our series of 10 podcasts based on the locations of 10 great Irish books is now completed with a great showing on iTunes, Chrissy Orborne whose books are based on the life of Michael Collins is at No.1 for Irish writers with all the others featured in the top 15 and Chrissy is at No. 7 of the top 200 Irish podcasts again all of our series is in there as well as several editions of The Showcase and The Calendar Road.  What with that and news that we are now patrons of The Ireland Monument in Canada, we are as as proud as punch.  We have lots more in the pipeline but more of that as it happens

A Great Honour For

Our podcasts about the Irish war dead have led to us receiving a great honour from The Irish Monument in Vancouver.  They have asked us to become patrons of the monument which is proposed for the city and is at an advanced stage.  This accolade came about after the director of the project Brendan Flynn came accross our podcasts on The Bray War Memorial and The Mayo Peace Park while surfing the web.  These two podcasts have been hugely popular and have brought so many visitors to but never before have we been so humbled by the work we do.  There are so many people, private individuals as well as military organisations who do so much work to ensure we never forget those who gave their lives for us in both world wars but particularly in the first world war.  If you have information on relatives you know to have been involved, there are people desperatly seeking this information and we would be delighted to be of any assistance we can on this issue,  It is our intention to include more podcasts whenever we can on this subject and we too would appreciate your help.

My Lords and Ladies

If you are a lover of Irish nature, we hope you will enjoy our latest podcast.  It is the end of August and regular visitors will be anticipating our monthly nature walk with Sinead Mc Clure.  Even before we came up with the idea of Sinead came up with this concept for a radio programme and when came to the time to test the site in October 2009, The Calendar Road was brought to life to enable us to carry out our trials into how far we could push dowloads and maintain sound quality.  Since then the show has gained an army of fans who eagerly await the next show and those who discover it for the first time have told us of their delight in delving into its archive now stretching to 20 programmes and all depicting the changing seasons on a typical rural Irish road, hence the name The Calendar Road.