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The Christmas Showcase 2013

Christmas Day Robin 05It’s that time of the year again and we have a very special showcase for you.  There are original stories by EM Reapy and Doreen Duffy, poetry from James Lawless, we also have music including The Hallelujah Chorus and songs from Johnny Duhan and Ursula Connolly.  We also take a trip down memory lane with an excerpt from The Calendar Road December, 2010.

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We are delighted to bring you the 35th showcase.  On this months podcast we have poetry from Mary Guckian reading ‘Harnessing The Horse’ and Kevin O’ Shea reading ‘Notes for a Future Eulogy’, we have an excerpt from our Arts Council of Ireland funded series The Writer’s Passage featuring Vincent Caprani.  We also have an excerpt from our award winning podcast The Calendar Road  recorded in July 2011 and our music comes from Thom Moore whose album ‘Seven Things Aloom’ was released in late April.   Fans of The Calendar Road might also like to learn that this particular podcast now has its own webpage and the podcast will also be available through but don’t worry The Calendar Road will remain first and foremost part of  In the meantime we have added a new writer to our list in Galway based poet Miceál Kearney you can listen to his interview now and in a few days time we will be adding the poetry readings to his page.  Still to come this month we have a new interview with Thom Moore along with some new and emerging writers from South County Dublin reading their short stories and come July we will be interviewing playwrites in association with The Civic Theatre in Tallaght and more new and emerging writers who contibute to Number Eleven Magazine.  We want to sincerly thank those of you who support both and The Calendar Road on Facebook and Twitter and to thank our new followers and likers but of course we are most grateful to those of you who visit

Showcase No 34

We are delighted that you have joined us for our 34th Irish writers showcase podcast; a collection of exclusive audio recordings for  On this show we feature prose from Ann Chambers who reads her short play ‘The Journey Home’ which has subsequently been turned into a short film,  Grace Wynne Jones reads an excerpt from her best seller ‘Ordinary Miracles’ while our poetry comes from Pauline Fayne reading ‘Rewind’ from her most recent collection ‘Mowing In The Dark’ and music is supplied by Ben Sands and Mickey Harte.  We want to welcome our Facebook likers and to thank those of you who have been with us for so many years now. Showcase Number 33


Josh Johnston features on the Showcase

Our 33rd Showcase has a heavy Cork influence as the people behind 3 of our spoken word pieces come from or have made their homes in The Rebel County.  We have poetry from Rosemary Canavan and Michael Pattwell and a short story from Sheila Smyth but Killkenny is represented by Mark Roper, and our music represents Leitrim with Charlie McGettigan and Dublinwith Josh Johnston

We are delighted with our 4th placing in The Professional section of The European Podcast Awards and would like thank you our visitors and of course the writers who have so generously shared their work with us to make the success it is today


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Showcase Number 32

After a short break in February The Showcase is back with more exclusive recordings of music, prose and poetry.   We have a reading by Stephen Dunford from his last book Táin Bó Flidhais (The Mayo Táin), poetry from John Corless and excerpt from his edition of The Writer’s Passage featuring Thomas Mc Carthy and music this month comes from Patrick Galvin’s son Macdara and from Thom Moore.   Now that spring is back in the air we plan to bring you many more new and original podcasts featuring great Irish writers and Irish culture, all free and all high quality, you taste of Ireland on the web.  Don’t forget you can vote for us, if you wish in The European Podcast Awards and join us on our Facebook page for updates on all news and newly released podcasts.

Showcase Number 31

A very happy new year to you all and welcome to the first new Irish podcast for 2013.  On this months showcase we highlight 2 programmes from our series ‘The Writer’s Passage’  the first featuring Tommy Sands from his book ‘The Songman’ and secondly Alice Taylor from her book ‘To School Through The Fields’  that Alice in a photograph we took of her at her homeplace looking back across the fields though which she travelled.  We also have poetry from John Walsh and music from Colum Sands and Ursula Connolly.  If you are new to the web you can click on the coloured writing to be taken directly to the page featured, you might also like to join us on Facebook where we will keep you posted everytime we upload a new podcast, regular and experienced web users are also welcome and might also get the same information from our RSS feed.

Christmas Showcase 2012

We are delighted to have this opportunity to bring you our Christmas Showcase.  This podcast is especially for an Irish Christmas featuring some poetry, prose and music for the festive season.  Alice Taylor recounts Christmas as a child on The Cork/Kerry border as featured in her book ‘The Night Before Christmas’ and we have one or two memories of Christmas in Ireland from two ladies who work at The Coleman Irish Music Centre in Gurteen County Sligo.  Noel Monahan reads from his poem ‘ Diary of A Town’ and we have music from Ursula Connolly and Johnny Duhan especially for yuletide.  We do hope you enjoy this podcast and would like to thank you for your support so far in a year which will see us reach almost 150,000 visitors.  We also want to wish everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Showcase No.30

We have been making this podcast now for two and half years, showcasing Irish writers from all genre’s.  This month, after a couple of days off which we spent in France, we decided on French a theme or at least as French as we could get and so we have Tony Reidy singing a song about a car that once was synonymous with our Gallic cousins called ‘Renualt 4’Celeste Augé daughter of an Irish mother and French Canadian father reads her short story ‘Exile 88′Alan Murphy reads ‘According to Marc Chagall’ and Michele Ann Kelly returns for her second showcase in a row with ‘Lost in Paris’ though the Paris in question for this song happens to be in Illinois and finally, it is nigh on impossible (at least to an Irish ear) to deny the Frenchness of ‘Pascal’ by NoCrows. Showcase Number 29

This months podcast showcase includes poetry from Noel Monahan as he reads ‘ Hymn for a foggy fair day from his collection ‘ The Curse of The BirdsJack Harte  reads from his current book ‘Unravelling The Spiral’  a tribute to the life and works of Sculptor Fred Conlon as well as Kevin O’ Shea reading ‘ The Burren according to Shane’ from his recently published first collection ‘The Art of Non Fishing’ and music comes from Michele Ann Kelly as she performs ‘Shark Cages’ and Mickey Harte who performs ‘Living in Our Town’  from his recently released album ‘ Forward to Reality’ Showcase No. 28

We are approaching the end of our 3rd year with, hard to believe how time has gone so quickly.  Those of you new to this particular podcast might have already surmised that having a showcase is just that.  In this programme we have poetry as Noel Duffy reads ‘The Erg Chebbi’,  Celeste Augé reads ‘Galway; Circa 1985’ and Thomas Mc Carthy reads ‘Dedalus‘, we have music from Colum Sands performing ‘Looking for The Loan Of a Spade’ and Mickey Harte performs ‘Practical‘ from his brand new album ‘Forward to Reality’ and we pay a quick visit to the latest edition of The Calendar Road.