We are delighted to welcome Chrissy Osborne to Podcasts.ie.  Chrissy has written 2 books both about Michael Collins, her first “Michael Collins Himself” was released in 2003 and her second “Michael Collins: A Life in Pictures” was published in 2007 both titles by Mercier Press.  Aside from agreeing to be a featured writers, Chrissy has recorded for our series “The Writer’s Passage” and a podcasts which will appear before the end of June.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our interview with Chrissy and can look forward in teh coming days to an exclusive reading from her work.  Our featured writers continue to make June 2011 a busy time.  We have already mentioned in previous news postings that Pauline Fayne, Alan Murphy and Noel Duffy are to launch new work this week and on June 28th The US release of Kate Kerrigan’s “Ellis Island” is scheduled.  A reminder too that all e mails and comments are forwarded to our featured writers so if you wish to show your appreciation for their participation on the site and for sharing their work with us you can do so through the writers individual pages or our Contact Us page by clicking here.  We also welcome your copmments on what you enjoy about Podcasts.ie and how you think we can improve things.   Ealier today with met with poet Mark Roper at Saint Angela’s College in Sligo which provided us with a wonderful location to record an interview and some lovely readings.  We will be bringing you a page for Mark as soon as we can but please be patients as we have so much material to bring you over the coming weeks that we are somewhat backlogged with great interviews and readings.  In the meantime, Mark is “The Poet” mentioned in “Crossings”  a breathingtaking collaboration between dancer, poet, musician and painter part of The Tall Ships celebrations at The Theatre Royal in Waterford on Thursday 30th of June and Friday July 1st.  Mark’s work also features in Come The Sails, the piece of music written especially for the Opening Ceremony of the Tall Ships on Thursday 30th June, a collaboration between 5 composers and 5 Poets, to be performed by all Waterford choirs combined.