Well we are getting nearer to Christmas but that hasn’t enticed us to curtial our podcasting activities, we are completely snowed in but we knew it was coming so are well prepared for it.  This being The Winter Solstice, we have The December edition of The Calendar Road for you to add to our our podcast published earlier this week by Alice Taylor about her book “The Night before Christmas“, Ursula Connolly performing “Let Your Heart be Strong This Christmas” our Christmas Showcase and our story The Voice of Christmas. We have one or two more Christmas related podcasts to bring you before the big day but don’t forget that these podcasts are Christmas specials and will only be available during the holiday season.  We know many of you cannot be in Ireland for Christmas, though you are here in spirit and we sincerly hope that through our free audio podcasts we can bring you a little closer to spending Christmas in Ireland and you can at least go someway towards having an Irish Christmas.