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Singer songwriter Miles Graham was born in Donaghmede, Dublin, Ireland, into a family of 9 siblings, who moved to the Dublin Satelite town of Clondalkin where he spent most of his childhood and teenage years. He grew up a thoughtful, musical recluse, penning words and melodies and forging them into things that were greater than their parts. He grew to manhood in a rustic council estate backdrop, not really knowing what to do with these blurts of thoughts that came out of him in the way mere words occur to other people. Growing up with brothers who music choice was centred around British rock such as The Jam, Paul Weller and The Who; Miles gravitated to the likes of Bill Withers and Motown and when he heard Labi Siffre sing “Something inside so strong” the young songsmith thought it might as well have written it for him. The tall, thoughtful Irishman, with the gift of turning his thoughts into songs and his songs into spells, had something inside that was and is very strong: a warm and magnetic voice

It was only when as a young adult, he moved to Co Sligo in the West, spiritual home of W.B. Yeats among others, that it all began to come together. Fast forward down the years of life in the real world, where Miles lived the life that would eventually go into the songs that were more than songs – several occupations, relationships and ups and downs.

More recently, Miles came to the attention of the renowned producer Richard Causon and of Kensaltown Studios in London (home from home to Tom Jones, Ryan Adams and Rufus Wainwright ). The fruits of this three-way collaboration, and with the added inspiration of a world-class band of touring musicians taking time out from working with James Morrison and others, are now ready to be presented to the world.                              


Today, Miles remains based in Sligo, nestling in the landscape that inspired and nourished the genius of Yeats though now he spends a lot of time in London co-writing, recording and honing his craft and was recently invited to the offices of a Dublin based record label, again impressed by his stunning voice plus his quirky, raconteur style lyrics and charismatic, powerful live sound. It should be a very interesting 12 months for the thoughtful, red haired Dubliner, as that “something inside so strong” prepares finally to step outside and grace the world with the fruits of his remarkable gift.

Miles Graham’s 1st single ” All So Innocent” was released on Monday June 24th for more information visit

Thanks to The Model Sligo for allowing us to record these sessions there, for more on The Model visit