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Alan Murphy comes from Dublin but is now living in Lismore, County Waterford.  He possesses a diploma in Fine Art and has exhibited his paintings and collages in Dublin, Waterford, Sligo, Cork and Belfast.  He has published a number of “serious” poems to date, mostly in English journals.

The Mona Lisa’s on our Fridge” was his collection and was sponsored by the Irish M.E. Trust  His second collection “Psychosilly” has just been launched in Waterford and will see it’s Dublin launch on June 24th.

Both “Psychosilly” and“The Mona Lisa’s on our Fridge” are off-the-wall collections of poems for children populated by ghosts, aliens, painters and octopuses! If you’ve ever wondered what flowers are about, where dreams come from, or what really happens to our rubbish when we put it out, these are the books for you. Lavishly illustrated with the authors own unique full-colour collages, these magical, surreal and outrageously funny books take the reader into uncharted waters and provide a new perspective on the child’s world. And like many a canny nursery rhyme their different layers of meaning make them appealing to adults as well as children.


Alan has given many public readings of his poems and recently completed a tour of libraries in Cork, Dublin and Waterford as part of Ireland’s 2010 Children’s Books Festival.

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