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 Poet Mary Branley was born in Sligo and has lived in Boston, New York, London and other places before returning to north Sligo in 1997.  Having worked as a teacher for almost 25 years, Mary has also been a writer and facilitator with Kids’Own Publishing Partnership since 2001, a non-profit arts organisation that promotes children as writers and artists. Kid’s Own work with children all over Ireland and have created 16 books by for a wide audience. Mary has also written the play ‘Silk Kimonos’, based on the lives of Constance and Eva Gore-Booth this was performed in The Factory Performance Space, Sligo in 1995

Mary is chiefly known as a writer of poetry, ‘A Foot on the Tide’ was published by Summer Palace Press 2002, she featured in ‘Europe is a Woman’ an anthology of 9 European women poets in English, Finnish and Catalan translation published in 2007, and The Watchful Heart an anthology of 24 writers published by Salmon Publishing in 2009. Mary’s most recent collection of poetry ‘Martin Let Me Go’ is published by Summer Palace Press. 


Mary won an Arts Council Bursary in 2009 to work on A Thousand Days a series of stories based on her ten years of experience working with Travellers in Ireland, this work is currently in production.  The first sound file featured on is an interview with Mary about her work and there is a surprising twist,  as Mary shows us she is also a talented musician.  Newly added this week Mary reads a selection from her collection of poetry ‘A Foot on the Tide’.

If you would like to find out more visit Mary Branley’s website

Also you can find out mary’s work at Kids Own Publishing .