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Chrissy Osborne was born and educated in England but her interest in Ireland came from her father’s family in West Cork.  Her first book ” Michael Collins Himself”  chronicled not just the public figure but his personal life, as a son, a brother and a friend, and not just his political life but his business acumen and skills as a born leader and a man  who revered the women in his life.  The research for the book brought Chrissy from the archives in The National Library of Ireland into contact the Collins family circle  and into the lives of some of those who remembered him, including Colonel Sean Clancy who served along Collins in Dublin during the war of independence and was with him at the hand over of Dublin Castle. 




Michael Collins Himself”  was followed in 2007 by “Michael Collins: A Life in Pictures” which includes a unique collection of photographs which serves to provide a visual history not alone of  Michael Collins but of the places he visited and the people he knew. 

Chrissy also presented Episode 10 in our series The Writer’s Passage based on her book ‘Michael Collins: A Life in Pictures which you can vist by clicking here