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Grace Wynne-Jones is the author of four highly intimate soulful novels that have received critical acclaim, her work has been praised for the warm belly-laugh humour and tender observations in her writing and she has been described as a novelist who tells the truth about the human heart.  She likes her books to feel like friends.   Grace was born and brought up in Ireland and has also lived in Africa, the US and England. Her feature articles have appeared in many magazines and national papers in Ireland and in England, and her radio play Ebb Tide was broadcast on RTE 1. Her short stories have been published in magazines in Ireland, England and Australia, and have also been broadcast on RTE and BBC Radio 4. She recently produced and presented a radio documentary about the land, legends and legacy of the Hill of Tara which was broadcast on Newstalk in Ireland.


Grace wrote her first book when she was about eleven. It was called ‘Stories For Everyone’ and she described it in a recent newspaper article: ‘A self-published work with a print run of one copy, it featured a woman, a horse and a puppy on the cardboard cover, and the singer John Paul Jones on the back.  Grace has since seen 4 of her novels published in several languages  “Ordinary Miracles”,  “Ready or Not ?”, The Truth Club” and “Wise Follies”

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