Jack Harte on location for A Heritage Tour Tireragh

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Jack Harte is a full time writer and is published both in Ireland and abroad. Jack was born in Kileenduff in Co Sligo and when he was nine years old his family moved to Lansboro in Co Longford. Jack’s first collection of short stories, Murphy in the Underworld, was published by Glendale Press in 1986. Dedalus Press published his novella, Homage, in 1992 and his second collection of stories, Birds and other Tails, in 1996. A selection of his stories, under the title, Birds and Selected Stories, was translated into Bulgarian and published by Orpheus (Sofia) in 2001.

A volume of new and selected stories Under Gogol’s Nose was published by Scotus Press in 2004, along with ‘Lament for the Birds’, a CD of his stories and songs commissioned by Sligo County Council and recorded by All Points West Media Productions. Other works by Jack Harte include his 2006 volume of short stories ‘Dream of a Pyramid’, published in India by Rajkamal Prakashan in Hindi translation, and in 2007 a Russian translation of ‘From Under Gogol’s Nose’ was published by Voskresenye Publishing House and launched at the Moscow Book Fair.


Reflections in a Tar Barrel Written by Jack Harte    From Under Gogol's Nose - Written by Jack Harte    In the Wake of the Bagger   Lament for The Birds - By Jack Harte with Music from Carmel Gunning   arcana

In 2006 Scotus Press published ‘In the Wake of the Bagger’, a novel commissioned by Sligo Co Council under the Per Cent for Art Scheme of the Irish Government, the first novel to be so commissioned. 2007 saw the publication in Bulgarian translation of his novel, ‘Reflections in a Tar Barrel’. The English version was published by the Scotus Press in 2008 followed in 2010 by “Unravelling The Spiral” Jack’s book about the life and work of Sculptor Fred Conlon (1945 – 2005) in 2013 Jack released ‘Arcana’  on the Internet as an international UNESCO World Book Night event on 23 April, 2013. It was presented in eight languages and the event was live streamed by the online magazine Breac based in Notre Dame University in the US. While the main event took place in the Irish Writers’ Centre in Dublin, the translators joined in from locations around the world from Mexico to China. 

In the style of the heroic sagas, but with anti-heroic intent, the story is pitched against the Major Arcana of the Tarot. In a lively way it challenges inherited concepts of heroism and the manner in which religion is hijacked by power-mongers.  ‘Arcana’ is available to read for free online from www.scotuspress.com with translations on breac.nd.edu

Jack reads an excerpt from Arcana

For more about Jack Harte and his collections visit his website http://www.jackharte.com/

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Jack is one of 10 authors who have presented our special series of podcasts ‘The Writers’s Passage’ to listen to Jack’s episode featuring ‘In The Wake of The Bagger’ click Here

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