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Kate’s real name is Morag Prunty, she was born in Scotland in 1964 to Irish parents. She moved to Ireland in 1990 to re-launch the Irish Tatler. Her novels are Wild Cats & Colleens/Dancing with Mules (London, Pan MacMillan, 2001/New York, Harper Collins, 2001); Disco Daddy (Pan MacMillan, 2002/New York, Harper Collins, 2002); Poison Arrows (Dublin, Tivoli, 2003); Superstar Lovers (Pan MacMillan, 2004/Harper Collins, 2004)
As Kate Kerrigan she has published Recipes for a Perfect Marriage (London, Pan Macmillan Books, 2006), which was translated into 15 languages and sold for film rights with Augustine Films in San Francisco; and The Miracle of Grace (London, Pan Macmillan, Spring 2007) which she is now adapting into a screenplay for the Irish Film Board.  Kate now lives in Killala, Co. Mayo. With her husband and two sons.

June 2011 saw the launch of her 3rd novel and the first part of a triogy featuring Ellie Hogan  ‘Ellis Island’ (Pan MacMillan UK/Harper Collins US) While the second part of the triolgy‘City of Hope’ (Pan MacMillan UK/Harper Collins US) was launched in 2012.  “2012 also saw the release of ‘Motherhood & Manolos’ a selection of Kate’s newspaper colums for The Daily and Sunday Mail newspapers as well as some of her work for various magazines

The podcast above features a brand new interview recorded in late July 2012 during which Kate talks about her career as well as ‘City of Hope’ and ‘Motherhood and Manolos’ and in the coming days we will be bringing you exclusive readings from both books.

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Kate is one of 10 authors who have presented our special series of podcasts ‘The Writers’s Passage’,  to listen to Kate’s episode featuring ‘Ellis Island’ click Here

The Writer’s Passage is a series exclusively produced for under the Arts Council of Ireland’s Literature Project Award.

In this series we are bringing you ten shows, each one detailing the location or locations from a well known book.  In each episode the author of that book will bring us on a tour of the areas which are relevant to them and to some of the context within the pages of their book.   The Writer’s Passage will bring you on a journey from  Sligo to Roscommon, Longford, Kilkenny, Mayo, Tipperary, Antrim, Waterford, Cork, and Dublin.
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