Michael Roberts was born in Sligo. His home, which overlooked the Garavogue River, was at the edge of Sligo Town within walking distance of all the major mythological and archaeological sites. He walked to all of them before he knew what they were or who put them there or why they did so.

He passed a large fairy fort on his way to and from school every day of his young life. Maebh’s Carn and Carns Hill were in sight of his home and afforded places to roam and play as a boy. This sparked a lifelong interest in the mystery and myths of these sites that was fanned to flame by the conversations overheard in the everyday speech of family and friends. This flame still burns brightly. Michael invites you to take a spark and bring your own fire aflame.

During his working life Michael visited over 35 countries. His delight in the stories of other people added to his own enthusiasm and led him to read Joseph Campbell’s books comparing the myths and legends of many countries. He was disappointedto find that Campbell had not included Gaelic, Celtic or Irish myths in his anthropological works. This work is still waiting to be done. Micahel has recently started the Sligo Myths and Legends Summer School as the first step towards this work. Campbell and others brought the discipline of anthropology to his attention. This led him to a course of study at the National University of Ireland at Maynooth to complete a BA (Hons), an MA and a PhD in Cultural Anthropology.

In many ways, the landscape of Sligo shaped his life, his values and belief systems. It informed him and formed a foundation to build a life on, now Michael shares the Myths and Legends he uncovered from the Northwest of Ireland in his first book “The Cailleach


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