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Podcast 2 features a reading which is part of an account of Pat's investigation into the murder of Katherine's husband Tom Nevin, listeners should be aware that this contains some strong language.

Pat Flynn was the Superintendent of Gorey Garda District, County Wexford, which brought Arklow, Jack White’s Pub and Catherine Nevin under his supervision. Although he led several murder investigations in his career, none had the notoriety of the Nevin case. He has since retired, and continues to live in Wexford.

The trial and conviction of Catherine Nevin for her role in the murder of her husband monopolised the attention of the country for weeks. It was the main topic of conversations in pubs, homes and workplaces as newspapers daily carried new and salacious details of the ‘Black Widow’s’ scheming, as well as images of her glamorous and expensive wardrobe, on their front pages. In the days before murders became a daily occurrence in Ireland, allegations of contract killers, extra-marital affairs, fraud and
involvement with republican organisations seemed better suited to the big screen than a small-town pub.  Pat Flynn led the investigation against Nevin, a woman whom he had encountered several times before these events unfolded. He previously had been aware of her fabricated accusations of sexual abuse and corruption against his garda colleagues while she continued to play host to senior garda officers and other establishment figures at Jack White’s pub. He describes how inconsistencies in her version of the events on the night of the murder were found, along with evidence of how she had been plotting for years to have her husband, Tom, killed.  


Our thanks to The Brandon House Hotel in New Ross County Wexford who provided The Directors Suite for these recordings