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Welcome to Vincent Caprani’s page on  Vincent was born and bred in Dublin of Italian descent.

As if working under a pseudonym writing 3 gothic historic novels as Charlote Massey,  2 books of doggerel and 2 Dublin guides and a novel under his own name and spending his working life as a printer wasn’t enough, Vincent’s connection with Irish literature goes deeper than most with a cameo role based on his grandfather in James Joyce’s  Ulysses.

Vincent’s “A View From The Dart” was a unique take on the historic Dublin buildings which were within walking distance of all the stations along the then newly open Dublin Area Rapid Transport System rail line which at the time ran from Howth in North Dublin to Bray in County Wicklow.  One of Vincent’s collections  “Rowdy Rhymes and Recimitations: Doggerel for a departed Dublin was perhaps the first piece of viral marketing, even before the invention of the term when it was brought to the attention of a very eager public.  At one point one of his ‘poems ” Gough’s Statue” was attributed to Brendan Behan, though it was never intended for public consumption, it did go viral, and was eventually published by Gill Mc Millan in 2011.  Vincents is also a contributes a monthly colum to The Irish Printer Magazine


 Vincent Caprani can be contacted via our contact page

Vincent is one of 10 authors who have presented our special series of podcasts ‘The Writers’s Passage’ to listen to Vincent’s episode featuring ‘A View From The Dart’ click Here

The Writer’s Passage is a series exclusively produced for under the Arts Council of Ireland’s Literature Project Award.

In this series we are bringing you ten shows, each one detailing the location or locations from a well known book. In each episode the author of that book will bring us on a tour of the areas which are relevant to them and to some of the context within the pages of their book. The Writer’s Passage will bring you on a journey from Sligo to Roscommon, Longford, Kilkenny, Mayo, Tipperary, Antrim, Waterford, Cork, and Dublin.

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Vincent Caprani on the 16th of October 2021.  May he rest in peace.