Happy New Year to one and all from everyone here at Podcasts.ie.  2011 will be a busy time for podcasting and although we did take a break over the festive season as far as uploading new podcasts is concerned, we hope we made enough of an effort with our Christmas podcasts to keep you entertained.  That said, the time has come to remove them but we will keep them and create others for Christmas 2011 and hopefully we will be celebrating other holidays by way of special podcasts.  Not to worry, we have non seasonal replacements for them and will be making them available free to listen now or download this week starting with a brand new performance podcast by Ursula Connolly  .  We will also be getting back to our series “The Writers Passage” which we took a brief respite from editing and because of the dangerous road conditions could not venture out to record new material but we were very busy arranging for new writers to come on board, that and catching up on those who still want share their work with us.  Also for non published writers we will have exciting news of how you can show off your writing skills in a brand new series called “Letters Never Sent” coming soon.