Kate Kerrigan has been a good friend to our efforts to bring you high quality Irish Podcasts.  Just before the European release of ‘Ellis Island’ we recorded the first podcast with Kate and again after the book was launched for The US market last June.   The Killala based best selling author also shared with us some of the locations from the book in our series ‘The Writer’s Passage’ in 2011 and after a few months of trying to synch schedules we have finally caught up with her again this week to record some material based on the second of the Ellie Hogan Trilogy ‘City of Hope’.  Today we are pleased to bring you our latest interview with Kate during which she talks about her life in Killala and being on the road to promote her novels and as if that were not enough, she tells about her latest venture in print which is an edited selection of her regular newspaper and magazine articles in a collection called Motherhood & Manolos.  You can enjoy her interview now on her page here and in the coming weeks we will be bringing you exclusive readings from both ‘City of Hope’ and ‘Motherhood and Manolos’.  To make life easier for the bookworm in you we have also started an affiliate programme with Amazon.com which will enable you to buy the work of our selected writers from their respective pages on Podcasts.ie.