All of our plans have been thrown into dissaray as Ireland is gripped firmly by this cold snap so we are somewhat behind shedule recording new podcasts but when all is back to normal, rest assured, we have a host of writers lined up and ready to read for you.  In the meantime, we still have quite a few podcasts that we have not brought you yet including a new performance podcasts from Carmel Gunning which we have just uploaded.  The Writers Passage will also make it’s debut this week but we want to thank you all as we pass a significant milestone today in reaching 1 million hits for the site since January 1st.  We would also like to remind you you that you can get automatic updates when we upload new podcasts by subscribing to our free RSS feed (as many of you have) or you can follow us on Twitter where we are known as podcastsdotie or on Facebook as (don’t forget the capital P) in the meantime its back to roaring a fire and a hearty breakfast for a short while before returning to our podcasting duties later.