Our Irish writers Showcase podcasts features Poetry as Grace Wells reads ‘Somewhere on Barnes Common; A Chocolate Box’ . We have a short story which made Number 1 on iTunes from EM Reapy.  An excerpt from Mayo Heritage Show Episode 6 and we have music from Tony Reidy singing’ The Yellow Tinker’and Ben Sands who sings his song made famous in TV commercials for Imperial Leather which is simply called ‘Hug’.   We continue to bring you at least 2 podcasts a week and we have more to come from the on line e zine Wordlegs and A Thoroughly Good Blue the latest anthology from The Oxcar Wilde Centre at Trinity College Dublin.  There is still the May edition of The Calendar Road to enjoy and this month its all about birds including The Dawn Chorus.  Don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter (podcastsdotie) or on Facebook (Podcasts.ie) and you should also be aware that The Calendar Road has its own Facebook and Twitter pages too.