What a lovely review of The Calendar Road we discovered today by Andy Howell.  Sinead as usual decided on modesty as the best way to deal with the situation.  The Calendar Road is our monthly nature lovers podcast and has proved really popular since day one.  The idea came to Sinead some years ago when we were discussing ideas that would make good radio but we never managed to find thr right vehicle for it on the airwaves.  Then in October 2009 when we were beginning to test Podcasts.ie, Sinead took the idea a step further and recorded what was to be the first episode and continued every month since.  When the site finally went live in January 2010 The Calendar Road proved to be one of our most populat podcasts and remains so some two and a half years later lying second only to our Myths and Legends Channel.  To date the programme has been listened to over 4,500 times and receives many welcome comments from the army of fans it has built up.  Andy came across The Calendar Road as a result of his friendship with Bob Cartwright one of the judges of The European Podcasts Awards.   The Calendar Road was one of the 3 required entries we put forward for the awards and which landed us 3rd place for professional podcasts from Britain and Ireland and 7th overall in Europe.  Bob too has been a great supporter of The Calendar road so to Andy, Bob and all of the loyal visitors to this and all of our podcasts we say thank you.  If you would like to read Andy’s review you can visit his blog at http://www.andyhowell.info/trek-blog/2012/08/07/review-the-calendar-road-podcast-just-superb/