We bring you car’s, black widows, aunties, grannies and angels in our latest Podcast Showcase featuring the best of Irish writers of Music, poetry and prose.  Pauline Fayne reads from her latest collection ‘Mowing in The Dark’ as she reads ‘ The Granny’ and ‘Angel’  While Pat Flynn was The Garda Superintendent at the time of the Tom Nevin murder recounts his arrival on the scene from his book ‘Catherine and Friends’ (Liberties Press)  while our music is provided by Tony Reidy with a song called ‘Renault 4’ (pictured) and from his album ‘ The Note that Lingers On’ Colum Sands gives us an exclusive rendition of  ‘ Going Down To The Well With Maggie’.  We have have news that Vincent Caprani is to launch his much anticpated ‘ Rowdy Rhymes and Rec-im-itations’ (Gil & Macmillan) at The Teachers Club in Dublin on Thursday next 15th of September.  We have also added several writers since our last showcase including Pat Flynn, David Metcalf, Hazel Mc Intyre and Mark Roper as well as The August edition of  The Calendar Road.   Our series of 10 podcasts based on the locations of 10 great Irish books is now completed with a great showing on iTunes, Chrissy Orborne whose books are based on the life of Michael Collins is at No.1 for Irish writers with all the others featured in the top 15 and Chrissy is at No. 7 of the top 200 Irish podcasts again all of our series is in there as well as several editions of The Showcase and The Calendar Road.  What with that and news that we are now patrons of The Ireland Monument in Canada, we are as as proud as punch.  We have lots more in the pipeline but more of that as it happens