Lough Talt, County Sligo

Just come back from another days recording.  Today we visited Killala in County Mayo.  We recorded some stories from the Author Steve Dunford, these are stories that Steve has adapted from old stories passed down from childhood.  These recordings will soon feature in our Myths & Legends Section.  We also had the pleasure of visiting another writer who will shortly become one of our featured Prose Writers, we met with Kate Kerrigan and she talked about her recent novels and read some of her work for inclusion on podcasts.ie.   Driving home we were reminded that we are very priviliged in our work,  not only because we are meeting such lovely people who are so generous with their time, not only because we get a front seat at unique readings and performances but also we get views like this one to stop and look at.   This photo was taken on our way home on the road from Ballina to Tubbercurry, the reflections on Lough Talt almost took our breath away!