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Back from Galway

Just spent a lovely weeked in Galway.  Travelled to Barna and Tuam, (we didn’t have to wish we were on the N17!)  As we said in the last post had a wonderful recording session with Singer Songwriter Johnny Duhan, such a generous man, both with his time and the music he shared with us for inclusion on – We also had a recording session with a bright new talented Singer Songwriter and exceptional guitarist Donnacha Toomey, who travelled all the way from County Kerry via Longford to meet with us!  Donnacha’s music is lively and infectious and his guitar skills are superb!  Both songwriters wowed us with their unplugged performances, and we are sure they will do the same for you when we put them up on the featured musicians section in coming weeks.

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Podcasting for you.

If you are new to podcasts you may be wondering – What is this all about?  Well let me explain podcasts are recordings that you can listen to anytime you like and indeed anywhere you like, within reason of course and taking into account what you are listening to them on.   Here at you can click on a file’s play button and listen on your computer whilst you are surfing the site or indeed whilst you are surfing the web, alternatively you can download the file and listen to it at your leisure offline on your computer or put it on an Mp3 player or SD Card and play it whilst you are out walking, in your car or if the energy exists whilst you are doing your daily jog!

Podcasts are really just broadcasts.  Except Pod means Personal On Demand – meaning you can have that broadcast with you.  Unlike downloading music, there is no charge for downloading our podcasts but the same law applies to its usage because of the copyright issues you aren’t allowed to make copies of our podcasts and in turn we too are limited to only allowing  content with the consent of the writer/publisher in order for us to broadcast it – so podcasts aren’t exactly a radio station they are just recordings that we are allowed to share with you within the copyright laws of our country and the web.  

Currently are applying for an IMRO licence which will allow us some room to include music for you.  These will be exciting, unplugged recordings from many of our talented singer/songwriters and  just like we have the permission to broadcast audio from our featured writers we will be able to make available some of the best contemporary writers in music for your listening pleasure and in time we will be making shows featuring the best of our writers in word and music.  So have a look around the site, check out our newly added content, there is much more to follow in coming weeks before our official launch date!

So at, podcasting is for you.

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