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Titanic Bell Ringing Ceremony 2010

There can be few people who don’t know the story of the sinking of The RMS Titanic on April 15th 1912. Many Irish people perished onboard and there are many myths and legends surrounding the events of that day but one true story that few people are aware of is that 14 people from the tiny parish of Addergoole in County Mayo, a region in the shadow of Mount Nephin with a then population of about 1,600, were on board that fateful journey which ended so tragically for 11 of them.

In 2002 two men Toss Gibbons and Local Doctor Paul Nolan vowed to commemorate the event in the village of Lahardane by organising 11 solemn rings of the church bell for those lost and three joyous tolls for the survivors at the exact time the ship sank 02:20 hrs Irish time. Since then The Addergoole Titanic Society has been formed and they have endeavered to bring this story to a wider audience and were there in 2010 to record the event. In this podcast we can hear the the opening ceremony and the ringing of the bell for each local passenger as well as a moving account by Michael Kilgannon from Caltra in County Galway whose uncle wrote a letter to his mother before embarking on one of the most famous voyages in history.

Of those 14 people from Lahardane the three who survived were; Annie Kate Kelly, Delia McDermott, Annie McGowan.

The 11 who perished were; Catherine Bourke, John Bourke, Mary Bourke, Mary Canavan, Pat Canavan, Bridget Donohue, Nora Fleming, James Flynn, Catherine McGowan, Delia Mahon, Mary Mangan and we dedicate this podcast to their memories.

Click the play button to listen here or download to listen later.

For more infromation visit The Addergoole Titanic Society here.

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February Update

Hi everyone,

Thank you for visiting us here at  To those of you here for the first time, you are very welcome and to those who keep coming back to us thank you for your loyalty.  Over the past number of months we have been testing and retesting the site to ensure that it is easy to use and not hard on the eye but most importantly that we can offer you the highest possible sound quality without asking you to wait ages to download our files.  Many visitors may be new to the concept of podcasting and so may we remind you that you have a choice with our sound files.  You can listen to them live and open another browser window and continue to surf the web or you can download the files and transfer them to a personal Mp 3 player to listen to later but we suggest that you create a folder for yourself in which to save the podcasts so that you know where they are when you want them.  We appreciate your patience too, from this weekend we are embarking on a frenzy of recordings and we will be adding quite a few more writers to the page between now and the end of the month and we are continuing to contact more writers and scheduling recording sessions with them.  The reaction from writers is fantastic and this will be more evident to you sooner rather than later but please remember we must contact the writer, arrange to meet up for recording and then edit the work before we can upload it for you , so it has taken us a lot of time to get where we are!  But again, there will a be a lot more podcasts for you by February’s end and it looks like they could be coming thick and fast from then on.

Enjoy listening!


Jho Harris

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