In the fifth episode of our series of free Irish podcasts The Writer’s PassageThe Writer’s Passage we hear some of the stories from Steve Dunford’s book The Irish Highwaymen.   Steve takes us to Cashel and Clonmel in County Tipperary where he highlights two of the many nefarious characters that operated as highwaymen in Ireland, in days gone by.    Peppered with songs and unbelievable tales, this is a journey not to be missed.

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The Writer’s Passage Photographs.

We started our journey at the famous Rock of Cashel.  Then we moved to the site synonymous with Ned of the Hill, the site of the oldest gaol in Cashel.


Below; Steve pictured outside the gaol in Cashel and right a view of the West Gate in Clonmel.


The Writer’s Passage is produced by Jho Harris and Sinéad McClure with funding assistance from the Literature Project Award of the Arts Council of Ireland.