In the seventh episode of In the sixth episode of our series of free Irish podcasts The Writer’s Passage we visit Cappoquin, in County Waterford with author Thomas McCarthy.  Thomas recalls passages from his memoir “The Gardens of Remembrance” at various spots in a scenic town which is steeped in history. We arrived in Cappoquin on a delightful Spring morning, and Thomas guided us to some treasured places in the town and its surrounds.  As well as reading from his book, Thomas shared some of his poetry too. Aptly a tour that focuses on memory, is also gauranteed to be a memorable journey for this writer’s passage.


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The Writer’s Passage Photographs.

Some of the photo’s taken along the journey.  Thomas pictured at the sign into Cappoquin and beside that a statue to poet Michael Cavanagh.


Below left the bridge to Dromana House and right the bridge over The Blackwater River at The Cappoquin Rowing Club 


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