We have added another 2 podcasts for you which we hope will stave the bitter cold which has Ireland and Britain in it’s grip at the moment.  The snow is also affecting most of mainland Europe too and and as usual, parts of The USA and Canada but we are just not used to such an early winter here in Connacht.  So while our friends in New Zealand and Australia are enjoying their summer, for those of us who have to baton down the hatches, we bring you the November edition of The Calendar Road which this month sees Sinead reflect on some of the animals she has spotted along the road since the show first began podcasting from Ireland a year ago.  We also have 3 short readings by travel writer John Mulligan one of which is from his novel “No Place Like The Sun”, how prophetic is that ?. And don’t worry about Príon (pictured) he and his friend Jack are getting plenty to eat and are well sheltered from the cold !