We have a bit of a catch up to do for you on Ireland’s Top Independent Podcasting site www.podcasts.ie.   It has been a busy time for us since our last news posting .  Not least was the  fact that our international server was hacked yesterday and we were just one of 700,000 websites affected by mindless hackers with nothing better to do.  We are back in full swing and hopeful that your enjoyment of our podcasts was not spoiled in anyway during this short but annoying spell.   On the positive side we has a few days away to charge the batteries during which time we discussed ideas to make changes to the site but not the service, which we hope you will like them, truth is you may not even notice them but time will tell.   On the podcasts side we are honoured to bring you a man who can perhaps be called the father of Irish poetry.  John F Deane is not alone one of our most distinguished writers, he also started Poetry Ireland, The Poetry Ireland Review and Daedalus Press each one instrumental in developing poetry in Ireland