This programme for is presented by Sinead McClure but was born out of a series of Heritage Tours of County Mayo recorded in 2007 and 2008 – In this series a guest presenter brought the listener on a tour of their village or town and unearthed the fantastic history and heritage, myths and legends associated with these remarkable places – In Mayo’s Heritage Sinead takes the highlights of these tours and refocusses them into thematic journeys.


  • Mayo’s Heritage Episode 9 – Legacies The return of this popular Irish podcasting series highlighting the history and heritage of Irish towns in Mayo brings Legacies – And the people who had an impact on certain areas in County Mayo.
  • Mayo’s Heritage: Week 8 This week we focus on Country Living including Irish Livelihoods and Traditions with a visit to Kim Bay in Achill and the National Museum of Country Life in Turlough, Castlebar.
  • Mayo’s Heritage Week 7 On this weeks Mayo’s Heritage we focus on 3 Irish writers who have had an association with a particular place in Mayo.
  • Mayo’s Heritage Week 6 Mayo’s Heritage: Week 6 looks at the theme of Island Life and picks three Irish Islands to visit off the Mayo Coast.
  • Mayo’s Heritage Week 5 Mayo’s Heritage week 5 focusses on the theme of Irish Churches.
  • Mayo’s Heritage Week 4 Mayo’s Heritage: Week 4 – This week we focus on the Theme of Irish Saints and their historical impact on the places we visit
  • Mayo’s Heritage Week 3 Mayo’s Heritage Week 3 looks at the theme of Irish Estate Homes
  • Mayo’s Heritage Week 2 Mayo’s Heritage Week 2: Irish Rivers
  • Mayo’s Heritage Week 1 Mayo’s Heritage Week 1: Looks at the Theme of Irish Trains.