Artbeat ArchiveArtbeat is an arts show that was broadcast from 1998 until 2007 in the Mid and Northwest region of Ireland.   For almost a decade Artbeat highlighted the arts in the region and the many artists, performers and community arts projects both from here in Ireland and abroad.

We are currently placing the highlights of Artbeat on for your enjoyment.  You can imagine this a major body of work with the best bits from almost 500 hour long shows.


Artbeat Archive Week 24:  This week’s episode is packed with some excellent performances in music, poetry and prose as Jho dips into the archives from 2006.  This archive features the writer’s Jack Harte and AJ Healy as well as poetry As Gaeilge from John Corbett, and more poetry from John Sheehan of the Dubliners and Alice Lyons and  music from Charlie McGettigan,  If you missed previous programmes they are shown underneath this weeks show.

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