As we continue to bring you Ireland’s best podcasts, we are delighted to welcome travel writer and novelist John Mulligan on board here at  We took our podcasting equipment just a few miles down the road to talk to John at his Boyle base and you can hear an interview with John as he talks about his 3 books and gives you the first insight into our writers passage series which we mentioned in our previous post. John also talks about his latest walk which followed the same route as that taken by Mc Alpine’s Fusiliers fom London to Birkenhead.  We have several more podcasts at the ready and we will be adding them to the site soon and as the month draws to a close, it is time for Sinead to take to the Calendar Road to find out how autumn is treating our flora and fauna.  You can also look forward to Showcase number 4, a radio style show presented by Jho Harris highlighting some of the performances from over 100 free Irish podcasts available at  So whether you want to just sit at your computer and listen or download to your Mp3 player, there is always great company in The Voices from Ireland we bring you.  Just one more thing, if you enjoy our podcasts, then we are doing something right and would love to hear from you (it gives great encouragement to our writers) but we would really appreciate it if you tell your friends to visit us or you can follow us on Twitter as podcastsdotie or Facebook and My Space as