Zach Hively comes from the high desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. He has since lived in Germany and England, and he currently resides in Dublin. His short stories have appeared in Line Zero and Conceptions Southwest. His writing often deals with skewed perspectives of the world and the ways in which individuals come to terms with their own curious outlooks on life.

Story 1; Zach’s story ‘In the Haus of Broken Toys’ is about a young German boy who braves the menace of a forbidding youth hostel in order to save the intriguing visitor within, but his adventure is cut short by an unexpected discovery.

Story 2; Zach reads ‘Such A Lovely Girl’  When a truck strikes a deer on the highway, Flynn wants nothing more than to protect his daughter Melanie’s fragility. Yet it is his own limited view of the world that ends up most altered by the experience.  

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